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Taj Mahal Rich Masala 25 Tea Bags - 200gm
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Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea - 250g
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Nescafe Classic Coffee - 50g
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Lipton Lemon Zest Green Tea Bags, 32.5 g (25 Bags x 1.3 g each)
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Tata Tea Agni - 100g
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Lipton Green Tea - Pure & Light - 25 Bag
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Grocway India Pvt. Limited is Kolkata's leading online food and grocery store.

With over 100's of products and brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. Right from fresh Fruits and Vegetables, daily grocery items to beverages and Personal care products.You can now choose from a wide range of products in every category, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality available at the lowest/reasonable prices.We aim to guarantee best quality on time delivery within 2 hours right to your doorstep in Newtown Kolkata.
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Getting groceries in Newtown, Kolkata has become easier than ever, thanks to the new revolutionised app/website of Grocway. It includes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, groceries and diary products and many more exotic products to cater to the needs of all kinds of customers everyday use.

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Grocway also has detailed information and reviews of all the groceries online which helps customers take decision about the groceries they want to buy. If customers have any issues or suggestions, Grocway has a customer care number and email so customers’ problem can be solved as soon as possible.

Grocway is the new and highly demandedOnline grocery delivery in Newtown as it is flexible, giving customers the convenience of ordering groceries anytime sitting at the luxury of their homes.

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Grocway currently covers Kolkata's Newtown and surounding areas that has been witnessing immense amount of development in the recent past and thus will help the new residents to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered at the earliest. Many people have a busy lifestyle or live alone, so they may not get the time to buy grocery as grocery stores are usually are not open 24/7 but Grocway is operational 24/7 and thus provides flexibility to customers ordering groceries in Newtown Rajarhat and surrounding areas.

Grocway has made grocery home delivery in Newtown a whole lot easier as Grocway always ensure that no deliveries are cancelled after the order has been accepted. Customers can relax peacefully after placing their order as Grocway will deliver every single item ordered to customer’s doorstep in the stipulated time window. It can be difficult to get fresh vegetables in Kolkata Newtown as shops can be a bit further away from residential areas but residents in Newtown need not worry now as Grocway, the upcoming Online Grocery Store in Newtown Rajarhat Kolkata is now within their reach in a just a few clicks or a phone call away.